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Mandura Independent Distributor Business and Royal Fruit Review

A couple of decades back; aerated drinks hit the markets hard and became an icon for youngsters. Now, it seems to be the turn of health drinks. Recent years have seen the launch of many health drink and fruit juice businesses. Mandura is a nutrition based MLM business that uses four royal fruits to make nourishing health drinks. The Mandura health drink is promoted as an “elixir” because of the nutritional benefits it offers. The following is an honest Mandura review that will tell you more about the product and analyze the business opportunity.

Royal Fruits

Durian, Mangosteen, the Acai and the Blueberry are the four royal fruits that fill Mandura with nutrition. While each of these fruits has its own benefits, the combination of all four fruits is supposed to enrich the body with nutrition, immunity and the ability to fight against free radicals. Free radicals are terrorists within the body that cause heavy damage to the internal organs. The drink is packed with antioxidants and is free of preservatives.

About The Company

Casey Yarbrough, an experienced relationship marketer started the business in 2008 in Utah. The product was launched with an aim to enrich both the financial situation as well as the overall health of member families.


The Company slogan is “One Line. One Team. One Vision to change lives.” Mandura claims to have a revolutionary compensation structure called the “straight line forced matrix”. Distributors are called IBOs (Independent Business Owners); they are entitled to buy products at wholesale price and sell at any price they want.

You could join Mandura by buying a $30 bottle. IBOs get a website to promote their business and complete back office support.

Reasons To Be A Part Of The Mandura Mantra

o The product is genuine and totally free of adulterants. It’s easier to promote a product you believe in.

o In the straight line compensation structure, any person who joins the business after you will be a part of your team. This way, you get to expand your team without taking much effort.

o Earnings come in the form of mark ups assigned by you as well as bonuses and perks. If your business is good, you’re sure to bring in good income.

What Should Reps Look Out For In The Mandura Business?

o Most people join the business as soon as they hear about the straight line scheme that adds members to their team without much effort from their side. But you should also know that this scheme could be a double edged sword. If people in your team perform well, your business will flourish; if they don’t, you’ll suffer too.

o Mandura is one among the many health drinks companies that have hit the market. There’s a lot of competition in this segment.


Vemma, XanGo, Yoli, Zrii and ExFuze are just a few amongst Mandura’s competitors. Some of these drinks are offered at cheaper prices while others claim to have more specific benefits such as weight reduction, slimming and building muscles. There’s not much use in having royal fruits when customers are not loyal to your product. How would it feel when your customer leaves Mandura and moves over to Yoli because of its blast cap technology?

Marketing Mandura

Appropriate marketing is the key to succeed in this business. Don’t make the mistake of getting locked within your network. Save your friends and relatives for social occasion; spare them the hassles of your business. Instead explore the wide world for willing customers through the world wide web. Learn how to promote your business using smart online tools.

How to Start a Successful Domain Reselling Business and Make Sure Profits

Ever wondered how one can start a successful domain reselling business? It’s so easy I’ve even asked my kid sister to try it, a girl that hardly knows what being a domain reseller is let alone how to resell domains.

But to be honest there is a whole lot to gain when promoting or marketing domains, this is a business worth millions of dollars but the best way to start domain reselling business is to start from small, try to look out for ICANN accredited agents or resellers out there and also see how best you can partner with any, getting accredited agents who can give you best prices can help you spur up your income.

But having a reseller program requires special care and being strategic in this business is important, whether you are going to flipping domains or helping others in acquiring domains solely depends on a lot of factors as stated earlier.

As stated earlier there are many ways in making money from the domain market and becoming a domain reseller is one of such options, with proper research and the right keys to making a decent income, domaineers are taking more attention in positioning themselves within the industry, so if you really want to kick start your domain reseller business, you can always contact relatives and friends to support you in this business. Choosing domains can be another alternative for you but be consistent in this business and try to be fast in service delivery that way you can will more clients

Spend Most of Your Time Prospecting and Marketing

Prospecting and Marketing are very important concepts in every business. These are commonly neglected by the people inside of network marketing.

You must understand why Marketing and Prospecting are significant in your business. Money only comes from one place. It doesn’t come from the government, it doesn’t come from trees, it doesn’t come from paper. It only comes from people. At the end of the day, money usually ends up with people who knows how to get it.What am I trying to say? Good marketing technique means more income for your business. If you are not Prospecting, no money will go into your hands fatten up your bank account.

Let’s define Marketing. It is a process used by businesses to improve their sales of their products or services. It creates an opportunity to build a good relationship between marketers and clients. It is used not only to create customers, but as well as satisfying and keeping your customer for a long time.

Your business’ pulse is Marketing Think about how many techniques you are putting to use to market your business. In marketing, we perform many activities to make sure that you are always giving the requirements of your costumers and getting value in return. The internet provides a diversity of resources to market your product. Think of it this way, a tree with lone branch can only generate meager quality of fruits, hence unattractive to people. On the other hand, a tree with a number of branches has a potential of bearing heaps of fruits. It cathing the attention more people to go up on its branches and eat its fruit. The question is, how many branches do you have? If you’re just doing weekly meetings, that’s one branch. Doing your phone dialer is one branch. Understand that you can’t find all the people in one place, rather different places. Some people respond well face-to-face. A few people respon well to phone dialers. Some people respond to weekly meetings. But if you only have a single branch in your tree, how will you be able to attract people that you’re really looking to. When you only have one or two marketing techniques, you are limiting yourself to the persons that you target.

There are a lot of websites that you can use for marketing. The best example is Google, the number 1 website. Secondly, Yahoo, the second largest website in the world. We also have YouTube, the third largest website. Another one is Facebook, the fourth largest website. These are just four major websites that you can utilize for marketing purposes.. But don’t limit yourself because there are many other websites you can use for your business. Ask yourself, “Am I marketing on any of these websites?” If not, you should start now! You must learn to do this and utilize numerous other marketing techniques to drive traffic. If you don’t know how to market your business, you waste a lot of your precious time and money.

People in the network marketing business usually remember the first word – network. What do they do? The talk about their business to everybody they know. But what happens if you have no more networks? What happens if you run out of your friends and family because, sooner or later you will. You need to understand how to market. You must understand how to be distinct from all of the “peddlers”. These are people who push products and services to anyone who is breathing.

The Other concept is Prospecting. Like marketing, you must read books and researches about Prospecting first in order to be great in this skill. Prospecting is separate from Marketing. It is also different from sales, but are closely linked. Prospecting is the process of looking for qualified leads, who may want to establish a relationship with your company, and get rid of unqualified leads. Only then when successful should selling begin.

Majority of marketers dread this because the constant denying may be excruciating. Don’t be afraid of rejection and the No’s, neither think negatively of them. In fact, you need to take on. If you do, the Yeses will come. All the “Nos” that you are getting will help you develop your closing ratio. all about prospecting is psychological. It all begins in the mind first. Think Positive. Prospecting is actually very enjoyable! If you neglect linking up with people on a habitual basis, you bank account will face an inevitable death.. This is the most fun skill that you can master. Love the art of prospecting. Understand and embrace every No, realize that this will get you closer to a Yes. Don’t get mad at the people who may refer to you as crazy.The more people who call you crazy, the less people can call you broke.

Houston Real Estate Market

In order to analyze the larger picture, it is important to understand that real estate refers to residential as well as commercial property. Along with the land in question, it also includes fixtures, fences, and buildings that are lawfully built up on it. Apart from this, in case a piece of a land has natural resources within it, they are a part of the real estate. Located in Texas, the city of Houston boasts of a flourishing real estate market. The Houston real estate market thrives upon trade of real estate. This refers to the purchase, sale, lease, and rentals of commercial and residential real estate.

The Houston real estate market, similar to other cities, is a volatile and unpredictable business venture. An interesting factor that sets the real estate market noticeable from other trades is its fluctuating nature. Rather than being solely influenced by global recession and inflation, real estate price points are largely dependent upon local factors. Prices of immediate neighborhood properties and local events proportionately affect real estate prices instead of variations at the stock exchange. Improvements in the economy have increased purchase power, prompting a large number of people to buy real estate. Such deals could revolve around residential, commercial or investment property. Since real estate deals can revolve around financial commitments that cannot be borne all at once by clients, the lending attitude of various financial institutions affects the Houston real estate market.

In order to be at par with real estate dealings in other places, the Houston real estate market is also dependent upon appraisal services. This helps attain precise and up to date estimates of a certain piece of property and helps facilitate quick dealings. For those who wish to make a career in the Houston real estate market, can choose to enroll at real estate schools or work under the guidance of reputed firms and brokers.

Real Estate Brokers And Fiduciary Duty

Real estate brokers and sales people are not all created equal. The glaring difference between the two is the difference in licensing. A broker is licensed to negotiate the sale of real property and represents the principal (seller or buyer). A sales person works solely for the broker, representing the respective principal under the guidance and license of the broker. But even aside form the technical licensing issues, it’s important to realize who’s representing you.

In our article titled, Real Estate Agents Must Have These Qualities, we pointed out many of the characteristics of a good real estate agent. In this article, we’re showcasing the real estate broker’s legal fiduciary duties. Many real estate investors talk about “finding a good real estate agent,” or one who is familiar with investment properties. That’s certainly recommended within real estate investing circles, as it should be.

However, there’s one thing that many real estate investors or even regular home buyers do not take into account and that is the fiduciary responsibilities of the real estate broker. Most real estate brokers generally represent sellers because that’s where the majority of the money lies. Sellers own the real property and want to sell, most buyers have many hurdles to overcome and don’t own anything.

So when we look at “finding a real estate agent” to locate properties, do “comps”, etc., where do we stand, as the investor/buyer? Unless you have a Buyers Agency with the real estate broker, no matter what they tell you or what type of information they obtain, the most important question remains, “where do their fiduciary responsibilities lie?”

Let’s take that one step further and use “comps” as an example. As a broker or sales person who represents sellers, even other agents listings, their loyalty always remains with the sellers. If you’re working with a sales person and they’re pulling comps for you, they will present information and it is up to you, the investor, to make the final judgments about what to buy and not to buy. No one is forcing you to buy a property. So, the real estate sales person you’re working with shows you comps, but unless their a buyers agent, at the end of the day, they work for the seller.

So you ask them a question like, “Can you find out how much the sellers owe on the property?” This sort of question will depend on the agents fiduciary responsibilities, or it should. As a real estate sales agent, they cannot lie to either party or misrepresent or hide information from either party in the transaction if it would be detrimental. However, a real estate agents loyalties will certainly play a part when it comes to a question like this. If they have an agency with the seller, if the seller does not wish to have this information known to buyers, then the real estate agent will not obtain this information.

Many real estate investors will work with buyers agents, meaning that a real estate broker will work directly with or will have one of his/her sales agents work with a buyer. In this case, a buyers agency means that the broker or sales agent working under the broker has a principal relationship with the buyer, rather than the seller. This situation does represent some stickiness for the broker because how can a broker represent both sellers and buyers? Many brokers avoid this exact situation for this reason. However, there are many brokers that work to represent buyers.

Communicating with the real estate agent is essential. Know where you stand and match that to the relationship you want with a real estate broker/sales agent and remember that not all real estate agents are created equal.