Mandura Independent Distributor Business and Royal Fruit Review

A couple of decades back; aerated drinks hit the markets hard and became an icon for youngsters. Now, it seems to be the turn of health drinks. Recent years have seen the launch of many health drink and fruit juice businesses. Mandura is a nutrition based MLM business that uses four royal fruits to make nourishing health drinks. The Mandura health drink is promoted as an “elixir” because of the nutritional benefits it offers. The following is an honest Mandura review that will tell you more about the product and analyze the business opportunity.

Royal Fruits

Durian, Mangosteen, the Acai and the Blueberry are the four royal fruits that fill Mandura with nutrition. While each of these fruits has its own benefits, the combination of all four fruits is supposed to enrich the body with nutrition, immunity and the ability to fight against free radicals. Free radicals are terrorists within the body that cause heavy damage to the internal organs. The drink is packed with antioxidants and is free of preservatives.

About The Company

Casey Yarbrough, an experienced relationship marketer started the business in 2008 in Utah. The product was launched with an aim to enrich both the financial situation as well as the overall health of member families.


The Company slogan is “One Line. One Team. One Vision to change lives.” Mandura claims to have a revolutionary compensation structure called the “straight line forced matrix”. Distributors are called IBOs (Independent Business Owners); they are entitled to buy products at wholesale price and sell at any price they want.

You could join Mandura by buying a $30 bottle. IBOs get a website to promote their business and complete back office support.

Reasons To Be A Part Of The Mandura Mantra

o The product is genuine and totally free of adulterants. It’s easier to promote a product you believe in.

o In the straight line compensation structure, any person who joins the business after you will be a part of your team. This way, you get to expand your team without taking much effort.

o Earnings come in the form of mark ups assigned by you as well as bonuses and perks. If your business is good, you’re sure to bring in good income.

What Should Reps Look Out For In The Mandura Business?

o Most people join the business as soon as they hear about the straight line scheme that adds members to their team without much effort from their side. But you should also know that this scheme could be a double edged sword. If people in your team perform well, your business will flourish; if they don’t, you’ll suffer too.

o Mandura is one among the many health drinks companies that have hit the market. There’s a lot of competition in this segment.


Vemma, XanGo, Yoli, Zrii and ExFuze are just a few amongst Mandura’s competitors. Some of these drinks are offered at cheaper prices while others claim to have more specific benefits such as weight reduction, slimming and building muscles. There’s not much use in having royal fruits when customers are not loyal to your product. How would it feel when your customer leaves Mandura and moves over to Yoli because of its blast cap technology?

Marketing Mandura

Appropriate marketing is the key to succeed in this business. Don’t make the mistake of getting locked within your network. Save your friends and relatives for social occasion; spare them the hassles of your business. Instead explore the wide world for willing customers through the world wide web. Learn how to promote your business using smart online tools.